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Is TMS Therapy Covered by AHCCCS? Find Out Here!

Women finding out good news about TMS Therapy and AHCCCS

Great News About TMS Therapy!

TMS Therapy is a special way doctors help people feel better when they are very sad or worried all the time. It’s like a magic wand for your brain! And guess what? If you’re in Arizona, AHCCCS (which is a program that helps people pay for medical care) says yes to covering TMS Therapy. But, we have something important to tell you about it.

AHCCCS Coverage and TMS Therapy: The Inside Scoop

Even though AHCCCS covers TMS Therapy, due do a variety of factors our Phoenix Arizona TMS clinic does not accept it. We know this sounds like a bummer, but we have good news too!

We’re Here to Help Everyone!

At American TMS Clinics, we believe money shouldn’t stop anyone from getting better. Here’s how we can help:

  • Care Credit: Think of this like a special card for health care that lets you pay slowly over time.
  • Flexible Private Pay Options: We have plans that let you pay in a way that’s easier for you. We’ll work it out together!

We promise to help you find a way to get the treatment you need without stressing too much about the cost.

FAQs About TMS Therapy and AHCCCS in Arizona

1. What is TMS Therapy? TMS Therapy is a treatment that uses gentle magnetic waves to help your brain feel happier. It doesn’t hurt and it’s done by doctors who care a lot about helping you feel better.

2. Is TMS Therapy really covered by AHCCCS? Yes, it is! AHCCCS does cover TMS Therapy, but sometimes their coverage isn’t enough for the full treatment cost at our clinic.

3. What if AHCCCS doesn’t cover all the costs? Don’t worry! We offer Care Credit and different ways to pay that can fit your budget. We’ll help you figure it out.

4. How can I start TMS Therapy? Just give us a call! We’ll talk about how AHCCCS works and all the ways we can make treatment affordable for you.

Ready to Feel Better?

At American TMS Clinics, we’re here to make sure everyone gets the chance to feel happy and healthy, no matter their financial situation. If you’re thinking about TMS Therapy but worried about costs, call us. Our friendly team is ready to explore all your options, including AHCCCS coverage, Care Credit, and flexible payment plans.

Don’t let money worries keep you from getting better. Contact American TMS Clinics today, and let’s take the first step towards your wellness together.

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